Building Influence: The Magic of Ordinary Days

Building Influence: The Magic of Ordinary Days

When it comes to marketing, one of the biggest mistakes people make is expecting too much too soon. Well, you know what they say about Rome.

Don’t expect your marketing to begin attracting new customers and new business immediately. It doesn’t work that way. Like many other good things, marketing success usually takes a while to kick in. The time factor should be built into your marketing plan before you begin.

An axiom of the advertising business states: “Reach + Repetition = Results.” It applies to become influential as well. It is difficult to maintain faith that Results will show up. Especially with seeing dollars go out the door to achieve Reach and Repetition.

Benefits of becoming a member of the Exmerce trading community

Membership in the Exmerce trading community will help you achieve a position of influence for a fraction of what you would typically expect to pay.

How do you build influence? Let’s first look at what you get when you become part of the Exmerce trading community. You gain direct access to more than 500 other members offering goods and services you may need over time. Also, you gain the opportunity to provide those same members with products and services that you produce.

These are incredible benefits, and if you are willing to take the time and make an effort, you can become a person of significant influence within the group. It’s not complicated:

First, send a personal email note of introduction to the other members. It doesn’t have to be lengthy – just a few words about you. Who you are, what you do, and how pleased you are to be part of this outstanding group of entrepreneurs. Also, add a wish for their continued prosperity and an offer to be of assistance, and you’ve pretty well got it written.

Next, follow up every month or so with a note. That note should then contain a tidbit of wisdom and or truth that you think they might like to know. Wisdom and truth are the essences of credibility. To effectively convey the benefits of your products and services, you must first convince prospects that you are capable of understanding their needs and concerns and not afraid to tell them the truth.

How can Exmerce help your business?

Wisdom and truth are what marketing is all about. The only other requirement is an audience.

Exmerce provides you with exclusive access to a well-defined community of businesses that all have the same objective you do – to establish themselves within a prosperous community to grow and increase their profitability. If you persevere and show concern for your fellow members, you will become increasingly influential within the community. It’s a phenomenon that I call “the magic of ordinary days,” and it always works.

When you are setting up your marketing program, whether it is in your Exmerce trading community or the cash-based business universe, remember to build time to increase your influence by letting the ordinary days work their magic.