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Large Corporations (Mature)

For mature businesses where cash flow and outsourced services aren’t primary concerns, Exmerce can offer employee satisfaction & charitable donations! Team building and corporate perks are great ways current Exmerce members grow their corporate value, and the Exmerce barter community includes businesses that offer services like this. Our networking events are a great way to build your brand’s local presence through our tight-knit community of rising corporate stars; and if all of that isn’t enticing enough, charitable donations through the Exmerce Dollars are tax deductible, just as any cash donations would be.

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Enterprise-Level Corporations on Exmerce

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My company is customer focused, seeking to provide the utmost in customer care and business solutions for companies wireless needs.

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Exmerce helps businesses grow through the power of Barter

Whether you need new clients or innovative ways to finance business services, Exmerce can help!

The Value Of Bartering For Mature Businesses

Networking & Local Brand Awareness

Attend our networking events, meet local businesses, and connect with professionals in your city. Exmerce actively helps businesses expand their local presence & public brand awareness.

Team Building & Employee Perks

Bring your team together with corporate outings, catered meetings, and access to corporate perks such as training and professional development though the Exmerce network.

Taxable Charitable Donations

Charitable donations (and business expenses) which are normally tax deductible as cash transactions are also tax deductible as trade purchases.

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