Dedicated Professionals Driving Innovation in Alberta

Discover the passionate professionals behind Exmerce. Our team is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the Alberta business community and beyond! With a variety of unique backgrounds, each member of our team brings something different to the table to help our members thrive. 

Nelson Liem



Born and raised in Calgary, I earned my Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Calgary. Post-graduation, I embarked on a remarkable journey as a Cultural Ambassador for Canada, working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This experience marked my first venture into independence at the age of 22, away from the comfort of home. Opting for the path of entrepreneurship, I founded Exmerce fueled by a desire to build community and uplift individuals, especially those who feel marginalized. My mission is to inspire, instill hope, and foster creativity while fostering collaboration and unity. Knowing that my actions and beliefs can impact lives and businesses, I find immense fulfillment in making a tangible difference.


Over the past 19 years, with unwavering support from our clients, dedicated team members – past and present, as well as family and friends, I take great pride in the journey we’ve undertaken in building a vibrant, circular economy to support local businesses in Calgary.

Moeez Arslan



At the age of 21, I moved to Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona, I was presented with an opportunity to start my own business. I quickly then realized my passion for entrepreneurism. After a few years in Spain I moved back to Edmonton and earned my diploma in Business Administration, Finance from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).


I joined Exmerce in September 2020 and serve as the Director of Client Services. Bringing over 6 years of customer service and process improvement skills. I chose this path because I wanted to further my passion for helping others, to educate people and to help them grow. I enjoy working with the diverse member businesses, and I feel privileged to work with Exmerce because I believe my values of helping local businesses succeed align with the mission of Exmerce.

Michaela Tomic



Born in Calgary and nurtured in the heart of Silicon Valley, my teenage years ignited a passion for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurship. My enthusiasm for design and all things creative flourished, and working with over 500 clients continues to fuel my creative fire every day. At Exmerce, I thrive in an environment that champions innovation and growth for businesses of all sizes.


I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from SAIT and joined the Exmerce team to leverage my skills in promoting the benefits of barter and everything Exmerce stands for. My diverse background spans various fields, including health and medical supplies, as well as martial arts. This unique experience allows me to craft compelling messaging and understand the diverse needs of our business network.

Mark Skauge


There is no doubt that my first sales role was a turning point in my life. Digging into thousands of cold calls, booking appointments with hundreds of business owners, and learning how to think on my feet quickly – were all great opportunities to develop my skills. After 11 years in sales and couple of years in a marketing role for a large company, I decided it was time to branch out on my own.


I started my first business at the age of 32 – and my life has never been the same since! With experience including 40,000 cold calls, developing 175 websites, managing third party telemarketing campaigns and running dozens of successful networking events – it’s definitely been an adventure!


I’ve been in the trenches with the other entrepreneurs in our network – and I understand what you go through every day! I understand that running a business isn’t easy. So my focus here is to help connect the business community in as many effective ways as possible. Let me know how I can help!

Dirk Kehler



I was raised on A&H Dairy Farms est. In 1958, in Manitoba, I worked with family and community members from the soil and dairy to produce a product and deliver it to the community; it was a milestone in moving to Alberta to snowboard and attend College. After College, I attended St. Francis Xavier University and completed a Bachelor of Business Administration. Following graduation, I returned to Alberta to coach snowboarding and gained experience in sales with TELUS and other small businesses. In 2006, I assisted Nelson in breaking into the small business communities with Exmerce before heading to Vancouver to further my studies. In Vancouver, I trained in judo for five years and completed a Post bachelor Diploma in criminology at Simon Fraser University. After graduation, I returned to Calgary; I worked in business development before switching to Community support worker with addictions and those completing their parole and probation orders for seven years.

Recently, I reconnected with Nelson and decided to assist him in helping business community members grow. It was satisfying to realize that many of the original members continue to exchange to expand to over 500 businesses and partnerships. As an Account Manager, I will assist Exmerce in increasing its membership and developing and growing as individuals and companies.

Emma Bergen



I was born and raised in Calgary. In high school I was enrolled in French immersion, so I have a bit of leftover French language knowledge. After taking a couple years off after high school to work and avoid online classes due to COVID-19, I decided to take the business administration course at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) specializing in marketing. Through developing a research project for Exmerce in one of my classes, I began to truly appreciate and understand the concept of modern barter. Once I graduated in April 2024, I was delighted to have the opportunity to join the Exmerce team as an Account Manager. I have always valued the feeling of community and helping those around me. Therefore, Exmerce’s dedication to its community and the focus to support and grow those businesses, 

I found to be truly inspiring. Throughout all my past work and life experiences, I have loved to work and collaborate with other people and look forward to continuing to do so with Exmerce. I am happy to have the chance to work for a company whose business model I genuinely support and whose values align so perfectly with my own.

Grace Miller



I was born and raised in Calgary, but am now currently studying at the University of Lethbridge for a bachelor of Management & Fine Arts. I have recently joined Exmerce, but have 3 years of customer service experience under my belt; I love working with a wide variety of diverse and creative customers, so I am honored to be working at Exmerce to assist all of our clients.

I believe that the goals Exmerce sets to helping small businesses grow, providing help, and putting care into every individual member aligns strongly with what I would most value in a company.