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Mid-Size Businesses (Growth)

For mid-sized businesses, the Exmerce network offers the services you need to help drive growth and business development. Tapping into the barter community gives your business the opportunity for increased cash flow and access to services you may not otherwise be able to utilize without hiring dedicated staff. The Exmerce member directory includes many businesses that can offer services with marketing, branding, and promoting your business. From advertising and web developmet to event hosting and promotion, you’ll find value for your growing business.

If you work for a mid-sized company, join the Exmerce community and do more for your business with less hard costs.

Exmerce helps businesses grow through the power of Barter

Whether you need new clients or innovative ways to finance business services, Exmerce can help!

Midsize Businesses on Exmerce

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My company is customer focused, seeking to provide the utmost in customer care and business solutions for companies wireless needs.

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The Value Of Bartering For Mid-Size Businesses

Increase Cash Flow

Convert excess inventory and downtime into Exmerce Dollars, and increase your cash flow by bartering instead of emptying your bank account.

Outsources Business Services

Partner with other Exmerce members and share business without turning your clients away. The barter network gives your team access to additional services, giving your business the power to do more for your clients.

Corporate Event Hosting & Promotion

Market your business and host your next event with Exmerce or other Exmerce members. From marketing services to event space and catering—bartering gives your team access to more.

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