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Barter for Calgary Small Businesses (Startups+)

Bartering is especially helpful for Startups and small businesses who may be operating with a reduced team or limited budget. Exmerce gives Calgary small businesses access to many benefits including: an augmented sales team (we sell for you!), an alternative option to business financing (you can access credit and professional services without having to spend physical dollars), and access to low-cost marketing solutions (from website & printing help to networking and professional development). Barter also offers opportunity for employee benefits & perks as your business grows.

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Exmerce helps businesses grow through the power of Barter

Whether you need new clients or innovative ways to finance business services, Exmerce can help!

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My company is customer focused, seeking to provide the utmost in customer care and business solutions for companies wireless needs.

The Value Of Bartering For Small Business

Business Financing No-Debt Option

From accounting and marketing to business development services, barter gives your business access to more skills without having to secure business financing to cover the upfront costs.

Augmented Sales & Low-Cost B2B Marketing Solution

Get more customers with Exmerce by joining our tight-knit community of local businesses and entrepreneurs. Barter helps you gain exposure and new business without the hefty cost of a dedicated sales team.

Enhanced Employee Benefits & Perks

Use barter for your team and exchange your Exmerce Dollars for employee perks such as: gift certificates, health spending, holiday & corporate gifting, event tickets, and more.

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