Barter is built on strong relationships!

Crescent Heights Village BIA Zone 


Crescent Heights Village BIA Zone is partnering up with Exmerce to bring you a new way to sell your products and services, connect with your community and conserve your cash. Using Exmerce’s community currency you’ll be able to trade with fellow businesses, support a circular Calgary economy and save your hard earned cash.

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Better Business Bureau Barter Platform


Exmerce has partnered with the Southern Alberta and East Kootenay BBB to help their members buy what they need without spending cash, and by simply trading their products and services amongst the community!  This program was created to foster connection and add value to the existing Better Business Bureau membership and is open to all BBB Members.

Looking to partner with Exmerce?

If you have a partnership opportunity you think might interest us or are interested in barter please feel free to reach out!

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As an Exmerce member, you'll gain new customers, reduce cash expenses, trade services or products, enhance employee benefits, and support charities. Our team acts as your outsourced sales force, boosting your business growth without the typical high costs.