Sheryl Rothert, Making a Difference – Why I do what I do?

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Good Times at the Exmerce Networking Social!


Unique Ways To Use Your Exmerce Barter Dollars

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5 Ways to Get Fit and Active with Barter!

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Exmerce for Start-ups! Give Your New Business A Boost with Barter

Have you just started a new business? Then you may want to consider joining a business trade exchange. A common misconception is that barter is only beneficial for well established companies. That is simply not true. Participation in a barter exchange can provide a big boost for any new business.

Ways to Barter Your Exmerce Dollars this November

We are in the thick of Fall with Winter right around the corner!

Don’t let your barter sit idle. Take advantage of your Exmerce dollars this November to enjoy fall and prepare for winter weather.

Andy Generated City-Wide Business

Downtown Calgary skyline on a summer morning, Alberta, Canada (Darko-HD Photography/Shutterstock)

My company is customer focused, seeking to provide the utmost in customer care and business solutions for companies wireless needs.

Exmerce Gives Repeat Business for Renovating Inc.

See what Renovating Inc. has to say about their 4-year Exmerce barter membership.

Headquarters Management Uses Barter For Employee Incentives

Headquarters Mgmt Ltd is one of the original members of Exmerce, having joined in the new year of 2005.

Barter Moves Business for Cold Calling Co.

Watch this under 3-minute video on how Cold Calling Co. has benefited by using Exmerce Barter: