10 Things For Summer You Can Get on Barter!

The sun is shining, the cut off jeans are out of storage and it’s time to embrace all the fun and joy summer brings. There’s just one problem…summer is expensive. From cookouts to family vacations, expenses can really start to add up. We don’t want you to spend this summer checking your bank account balance, which is why at Exmerce, we’ve worked to put together the ultimate list of things you didn’t even know could be purchased on barter! Scroll to check out all the summer activities you could be doing/buying on barter instead of spending your hard-earned cash.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Painting

Sometimes an old deck, fence or wall just needs a fresh coat of paint to make it shiny and new again. If you’ve got an eyesore in your home or yard, summer is the perfect time to bring in painters on barter and give your home the glow up it deserves.

2. Lawncare and Maintenance

Did you know that according to StatCan, “the average annual household expenditure on garden supplies and services in Canada amounted to 408 Canadian dollars in 2019” (Simionato,2022)? Now, if you could use barter for those expenses instead that’s $408 to spend on fun summer stuff like new swimsuits, nights out and whatever else is on your summer bucket list!

3. Sup Board Classes

If you’re over the typical lounging by the pool and up for a little more adventure, we HIGHLY recommend trying out a Sup class on barter. This wild activity requires a lot of balance and the ability to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. It may sound challenging but once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast! Hot tip: If you’re looking for a team building activity THIS is something you’ve gotta try!

4. Paintball

This one’s not for the faint of heart. If your summer activities are a little less flowers and tea time and a little more running through the woods in camouflage, then paintball on barter will be right up your alley. (P.S. You might need to book some massage or physiotherapy on barter too after you’re done depending on how ruthless your friends are!)

5. Power Washing

Spending your summer days spraying dirt and dust off your house exterior can feel like kind of a drag. That’s why we’ve got companies on barter to do it for you. Power washing services are available for everything from home and equipment to driveways.

6. Spa and Massage

Sometimes as a business owner it’s hard to take a break and really treat yourself. Luckily, when you get massage services on barter all the tension of spending cash just melts away (think ice cream on a hot summer day).

7. Photography

Summer is a great time to update family photos with beautiful greenery and scenic backdrops. Get your family together for a photoshoot. Exmerce has experienced photographers available on barter to capture all the smiles, laughs and family fun.

8. Event Planning

If you’re more of the party host than the sit back and enjoy the sun kind of person, never fear! Exmerce doesn’t only offer services on barter for low-key relaxing summers. We’ve got party planners and event organizers ready to help you bring your event dreams to life. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or just an excuse to party, you can plan everything on barter!

9. Escape Rooms

Looking for a way to ESCAPE the heat this summer? Check out an escape room on barter. You can test your problem solving and teamwork skills without having to worry about spending serious $$$.

10. Animal Park Visits

Finally, who doesn’t love fluffy cute animals? The perfect addition to any summer activity list is a trip to an animal park where you and your friends/family can get up close and personal with some pretty wild creatures. We frequently offer general admission as well as admission to special events on barter.


If these summer activities on barter sound like something you’re into, why not give barter a try? To sign up for Exmerce today call (403) 879-2288 or email clientcare@exmerce.com

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