Selling In Tough Times – Updated with advice for sales teams affected by Covid-19

customer paying with credit card in store

This is a time to have conversations that are real, supportive and helpful.

We sought out some advice from Nicki Kinton…who has this sound advice:

“Many of us don’t like asking for payment, but it’s important that, at this time, we make sure we have talked (not emailed) to every one of our clients that owes us money. We’re all feeling the stress of the current situation but try not to approach the call emotionally, that will only provoke an emotional response and can lead to confrontation. There may be a temptation to feel obliged to go easy on everyone because we’re all in the same situation, but you need to have a clear picture of where you are financially before you can be supportive to others, it’s not something you should be doing at the expense of your own businesses survival. Finally, consider setting up payment plans [or trade arrangements] for those struggling to pay, little and often is better than nothing at all”

Your customers will be under all kinds of pressures with cashflow, sickness and worry. DO NOT TRY TO PUSH YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES – we know you might  feel the need to do that, but this isn’t a time to push, this is a time to help, listen, advise and agree a way forward – the next step that works for your customer and you.

If your customers are working from home, we’re finding they welcome a conversation with someone who understands their world, has industry knowledge and insight and a take on what is happening in it right now.

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