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Exmerce – Business Owner Mastermind Networking | June 26



We would like to invite you to the most efficient and effective networking event that you have ever experienced in Calgary!

* Please see Eligibility Rules at the bottom before registering. Thank you!

Exmerce is a Calgary based company that focuses 100% of its efforts on supporting the local business community. With an existing network of more than 500 local businesses already enrolled and connecting, these events have a proven track record of creating excellent relationships and helping businesses grow!

Exmerce provides a consistent opportunity to connect with local businesses, grow your network, make easier sales – and spend less cash in the process!

Our “Mastermind Networking” events are designed to provide an incredibly fun and comfortable atmosphere for Calgary’s business owners to connect.

Our Events Provide:

• Effective business conversations and education

• Excellent networking opportunities

• A chance to get out and socialize with like minded entrepreneurs

Within 90 minutes at our events you will meet more business owners than would ever be possible at a typical networking event. You will also LEARN VALUABLE BUSINESS STRATEGIES to help you move forward successfully!

Each of our events has 2 unique business topics which are covered in roundtable discussions with other entrepreneurs. (We have new topics every month!)

This isn’t your typical “pitch everyone and throw around business cards” event. Not even close! Everything within our events (and our entire Exmerce network) is focused on creating Win/Win outcomes for the business owners involved. You really need to experience it to fully feel the difference!

Who Should Attend This Event?

Exmerce Mastermind Events are an excellent fit for business owners who are interested in creating new contacts and connections, learning new business strategies through interactive conversations, and businesses interested in finding new ways to improve their business (and their intermingled personal lives as well!)

Our events are extremely efficient and provide multiple opportunities to move your business forward more successfully. We trust that if you join us once – you will definitely be back!

Eligibility Rules for This Event:

#1 – Due to extremely high demand for these events and limited capacity (approximately 100 businesses per event), we need to keep seats available for businesses who are the best fit for our network.

Based on this, multi-level marketing companies and financial advisors/insurance representatives (unless personally invited by our staff) are no longer able to attend. We request all event attendees to be business owners. Any financial advisors who do not meet these criteria will not be able to attend.

#2 – This event is designed for businesses who believe in HELPING EACH OTHER OUT. Our network is not a good fit for anyone who is only interested in helping themselves. We are community-focused and have an excellent culture within our group of like-minded businesses who try to support each other. So if you are a “run and gun” networker – there are lots of other events to do that! (But please note – there are ZERO requirements to provide referrals at our events either! The relationships built here take care of that naturally!)

Exmerce Mastermind Networking events are completely FREE to Attend! Our goal is to provide as much value as possible to the local business community and help everyone move forward successfully. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Schedule:

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Registration and Casual Networking

7:00pm – 8:30pm – Structured Networking & Roundtable Discussions

8:30pm – 9:00pm – Casual Networking (Optional)

* Disclaimer – by signing up for this event you agree to be communicated with in the future about similar events hosted by Exmerce Barter Inc.