Increasing Sales through Trade

Did you know that the Exmerce exchange promotes a member’s business to over 500 other businesses in the growing Exmerce community? These businesses are potential customers that you can add to your existing customer base. They are loyal because it is to their benefit to interact with the Exmerce community.

Since Exmerce has specialized currency, members of the exchange are more likely to do business with each other to use up those dollars. For example, if you have a mutual victory to celebrate with a client and you would like to take them out for a meal, you are likely to drive past several restaurants to get to the one that belongs to your network.

Also, inside a trade community, members are more willing to give other members a chance to showcase their goods and services. This attitude makes it more likely that the members will purchase from each other.

If you are an established business, trade sales can help you to use up excess inventory and capacity – especially during slow seasons. In Alberta right now, we are experiencing an economic downturn. People have less cash to spend, and as a result, fewer people are walking through their doors. Trade, with its specialized currency, provides these customers with another option to use to pay for their purchases.

Businesses can trade excess or obsolete inventory to an Exmerce member for Exmerce currency close to cost. Trading results in more value to the business than liquidation would, which is often only pennies on the dollar. The Exmerce currency received can then be applied to other business expenses, such as marketing, entertainment, supplies, or other materials. Exchanging an unusable asset for something else of value helps recover a significant amount of incremental revenue that might otherwise have been lost.

The Exmerce exchange makes this process a whole lot easier by facilitating the trade sales for each business as well as tracking the Exmerce currency for each member. Call Nelson today to see how the Exmerce exchange can work for you!

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