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We help event organizers get music photobooths catering prizes posters accommodations transportation and more!

Exmerce works with events big and small to help them improve their ticket sales, reduce event costs and more on barter!

Exmerce helps Calgary's most explosive festival with a variety of event prizing and ticket sales on barter!
Immerse yourself in a tasting adventure, sampling a wide selection of fine whiskies from renowned distilleries, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship and diversity of flavors.
House Beats & Business is an opportunity to support a great cause, enjoy house music, and network with like-minded business owners.

Exmerce makes events possible with

Make the most of your event!


Sell excess tickets and space

Extra event seats, tables and more can be sold on barter to give you more $ to spend! You can also make event sponsorships or exhibitor spaces available on barter. 


Reduce cash expenses

Purchase key event products and services on barter to reduce your cash expenses and get what you need without destroying your budget.


Connect with our network

Leverage our Exmerce network to promote your event far and wide and attract the kind of attendees you’re looking for.


Exmerce helps events big and small conserve cash and sell more tickets using the power of barter. We connect you with vendors and services payable on barter through our portal and help promote your event through our networks!

Exmerce selects a variety of events to sponsor and support each year based on a variety of factors. 

If you are looking to have items donated to your event please send us an email at 

Exmerce is a trade exchange here to help you find new customers and take your business to the next level.


Using Exmerce you can:

  • Sell your excess inventory and utilize any extra booking times you have available
  • Finance your business while conserving your cash income
  • Expand your network and find even more new customers 


Exmerce is conveniently available online through our member portal so you can buy and sell at the click of a button. We give you the flexibility to trade your products and services for the things you need most and also provide personalised broker support.

For regular accounts, Exmerce usually costs $30/month with an 8% buy and sell fee payable in cash


We’ve waived these fees for our event partners to help you maximize your barter potential. 


No hidden fees, extra costs, or anything else. 

Always! When you sign up for Exmerce you are always in control of how much you buy and sell with barter. Many of our partners choose to make a select number of tickets available for us to sell on barter. 

Your broker will also work with you to help you find as many things for your event as possible on barter.

Nope! Our services work for everyone from bakers to bookeepers. Exmerce gives Calgary businesses access to many benefits including: an augmented sales team (we sell for you!), an alternative option to business financing (you can access credit and professional services without having to spend physical dollars), and access to low-cost marketing solutions (from website & printing help to networking and professional development).

We offer services that work for every size of event. Book a virtual tour with us today to check out the options that might work best for you.  Click here to book.